Schrödinger’s Embryos

Ahh, ’tis right smack in the middle of the dreaded Two Week Wait! (2ww)

I believe this phrase is appropriated from TTC (“trying to conceive”) message boards. I’ve landed on those once or twice during moments of googlemania, and let me tell you what, there’s a lot more sex going on in those than there are on the assisted reproductive technology-focused boards! There is never any sex on those boards!(Though there’s a decent amount of reference to male partners giving samples. I hear that’s not as sexy as it sounds, though). Read More »


The Phantom Of The Opera Is There Inside Your Womb

The embryology lab called me this morning and told me that they were able to freeze 9 embryos! This incredibly fertile woman just keeps impressing me more and more! Really hope this is a good sign that the two embryos I’m chilling out with at the moment will stick around. I’m in the midst of drinking some sort of disgusting green juice so I can be all healthy for them or whatever, so they’d better appreciate this sacrifice. Read More »

The Ol’ College Try

I was just reading an article about the “baby deadline test,” which is apparently the media’s new nickname for the Anti-Müllerian Hormone test. That’s the blood test I took at my diagnostic visit that was an indicator of the amount of eggs I had left. Although it’s been used for a while to help diagnose infertility, apparently it’s got a new use: helping any woman predict how long she can realistically wait to start trying to get pregnant, and/or whether she’s a good candidate for egg freezing. Read More »

ART’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Long ago (ok, like eight years ago), my ex-husband got into watching the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX. I thought it was absolutely heinous. It was basically a show in which every single character was an incredibly, unapologetically horrible person.

Then, as with many shows I eventually grew to like, the more I endured hearing it in the background, the more I had to bite the bullet and admit that I was kind of a horrible person, too, because I had started to find it hilarious. Read More »

Infertility, Irritability, and Job Compatibility (in a Heath Care Facility)

I’ve been experiencing a lot of difficulty at my job. I’ve worked at the same place for almost three years, but many transitions have been occurring since July 2015. I began my first faculty position, the college of medicine where I work was purchased by a corporation, and they built and transferred me to a new clinic funded by the state’s behavioral health authority. Read More »

Always a Stepmom, Never a Mom

I’m in what seems to be an unusual position among the infertile women on the message boards I read, in that I have a partner who already has children. I imagine it’s a very different experience when neither partner has children, and both have such a strong desire for children that they are undergoing unusual, painful, expensive assisted reproduction. I wonder what it’s like when both people are in the exact same boat. Read More »