Your Mama’s So Fertile, She Ovulated On The Pill

My new donor is everything I want. She doesn’t look as crazy as the other ones! She isn’t a carrier for genetic disorders, she passed all her psychological and FDA testing requirements, and has the cleanest bill of health across three generations that I can possibly fathom. She’s donated before and was willing to do so again on incredibly short notice, so she’s unlikely to back out or screw the whole thing up. Read More »


Fresh vs. Frozen: Not Just For Vegetables Anymore

Today we experienced a setback when we found out that our donor did not pass her FDA-required infectious disease screening and is now disqualified from continuing our cycle. Tomorrow, I’ll speak with the doctor about what we should do next. As I understand it, our options are to choose a new donor who is able to start her cycle pretty much immediately; ditch this cycle, stop taking my meds, choose a new donor, wait for her to be available, start my meds all over again, and pray that nothing goes wrong this time; or order frozen eggs from an egg bank again. Read More »

Infertility, Irritability, and Job Compatibility (in a Heath Care Facility)

I’ve been experiencing a lot of difficulty at my job. I’ve worked at the same place for almost three years, but many transitions have been occurring since July 2015. I began my first faculty position, the college of medicine where I work was purchased by a corporation, and they built and transferred me to a new clinic funded by the state’s behavioral health authority. Read More »

Recipe for a baby

The times I experienced a donor egg IVF failure, I went looking for reasons and solutions. I wanted to know what I could do and who I could be in order to increase my chances of a pregnancy the next time I completed a cycle. From all the hearsay, popular press, and message boards, you end up with a list of ingredients, resulting in a serving size of one baby… or, 39.2% of the time, two (Letterie & Klein, 2013). Read More »