Your Mama’s So Fertile, She Ovulated On The Pill

My new donor is everything I want. She doesn’t look as crazy as the other ones! She isn’t a carrier for genetic disorders, she passed all her psychological and FDA testing requirements, and has the cleanest bill of health across three generations that I can possibly fathom. She’s donated before and was willing to do so again on incredibly short notice, so she’s unlikely to back out or screw the whole thing up. Read More »


Always a Stepmom, Never a Mom

I’m in what seems to be an unusual position among the infertile women on the message boards I read, in that I have a partner who already has children. I imagine it’s a very different experience when neither partner has children, and both have such a strong desire for children that they are undergoing unusual, painful, expensive assisted reproduction. I wonder what it’s like when both people are in the exact same boat. Read More »

What’s Ice Cream Got to Do With It? My Backstory

When I was 12, I went to the ice cream shop with my mom. We went there about weekly, before my dance lesson, which  meant my mother got to know the servers a bit. That day, she was telling them about my 20-year-old sister’s premature menopause. I’m not sure if she realized I noticed it when she gestured toward me and whispered “Her too.”

Did she know? Did she just assume? Did she just want to make a story more interesting to a relative stranger? Read More »