It’s Been A While!

Hi there! I’ve been missing in action! But, I thought I’d pop back in and say hello. Honestly, I haven’t been able to think about much to write. I just don’t feel like my pregnancy has been too different than the norm, and this blog was intended to focus on third-party reproduction, something that’s out of the norm. Now I’m just a regular pregnant lady. Which, I suppose, is exactly what I wanted to be!

Also, most of my posts would be complaining about pregnancy symptoms, and who really wants to hear that? Besides being sick for a while, and being sad that I can’t sleep on my back anymore, and getting some bizarre and miserable rashes that caused me to have to use soap that made me smell like a campfire (luckily those have subsided, for the most part), and now sciatica every night when I’m trying to sleep… ok, I’m done!

I was actually told after my last ultrasound that I have a low-lying placenta, which is a little scary. But, well, first, I’m grateful that it’s not actually on my cervix, it’s just abnormally low. Second, they said that 90% of the time, this issue resolves itself as your uterus grows – I have another ultrasound in a couple days, so hopefully it’ll have moved upward. And finally, I can’t do anything about it, so there’s kind of no use in worrying too much. Wait and see, I suppose.

I’ve been able to feel the baby kicking for about the last six weeks, and that has been really cool. I was told that’s the most awesome part of pregnancy, and so far, I agree! About a week ago, I saw the kid kick from the outside, and then my husband was able to feel him too. And yesterday, I balanced a saucer on my stomach, and it was fun to watch the baby make it wobble around.

I do think about the donor aspect a fair amount. I try to imagine what the kid will look like, mostly, though I suppose I would even if it were my genetic kid. I’m not terribly worried about explaining the donor conception to him, but I’m more worried about explaining the existence of unknown siblings. I think about offering him the option to do the 23andme analysis when he’s old enough to understand it. I’m really happy my family and my husband’s family are very accepting of the whole thing. My parents are just very glad that they’re going to become grandparents.

Since things have gotten more “real,” in a way, my husband seems more emotionally engaged. I think maybe I erroneously interpreted things in the beginning too much as “this is old hat and maybe not so interesting to him.” Could be that it’s just normally hard for partners to engage much in the beginning, or maybe I was just seeing it through a self-fulfilling prophesy lens – I expected that he wouldn’t be so interested and therefore it seemed like he wasn’t. Who knows. But he’s been both openly interested, and also openly kind of freaked out, which seems like a totally normal reaction to me. My stepkids seem more interested than I expected, too. I especially didn’t think the older ones would be, but the 20-year-old, his girlfriend and his friend came to visit a few weeks ago and asked a lot of questions about the IVF and donor process. I actually really appreciated that. My 11-year-old stepdaughter has more questions about daily life with a baby in the house, which makes sense, since she’ll actually have to deal with that. I wish I could take her with me to the newborn care class, but it’s adults only. Oh well.

You probably figured this out from pronouns, but we also found out we’re having a boy!

Anyway, I think that’s it from me! Actually, one more thing. I got a bunch of children’s books about families and donor conception, and was thinking I might review them here. Any interest in that?



4 thoughts on “It’s Been A While!

  1. Great to hear everything progressing as it should! How many weeks are you now? Exciting stuff that you can feel baby kicking. I’d def be keen to hear some review and donor conception books. Hope the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy don’t make you lose too much sleep😊


    • I’m 24+4 right now. And I’m awake right NOW, so as for the loss of sleep… though, tonight it’s because I got really hungry; I may have actually found an effective trick to relieve the sciatica tonight! Fingers crossed.

      I will prepare for a book review, then!

      How are things going for you?

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      • I’m good. I already feel like my body has been hijacked and sleeping & eating are always on my mind. It does amaze me how a baby will fit in this belly! I hope the sciatica trick worked😊

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