Good News is Here!

Here is the awesome thing I got to post on Facebook the other day!

“Not many kids can say they were a five-day-old embryo in their first baby photo. But my kid can!! I can’t wait to become a mom, right smack dab in the middle of the holidays! (Sorry ’bout that birthday, kiddo).

I am grateful to the doctors and clinic staff who helped, and for the generosity of our egg donor. But, most of all, I am thankful for [husband], whose love for me, love of children, kindness, and let’s face it, unfathomable indulgence made this possible 💘”


IT WORKED, FINALLY! It’s still pretty hard to believe. I’ve had a couple of ultrasounds now, though, so of course, it’s also hard not to believe. I am about 8 weeks 4 days.

I did end up testing early, for the first time – I dutifully waited for the blood test the first two times I did transfers. Read More »


Infertility Announcements

I’m sure you all can tell I love dark humor as a coping skill. I really must commend this couple for their creativity and humor in raising visibility and in finding a fun way to accept life for the wrench-throwing jester that it is. And they found their own best solution! Adoption, assisted reproduction, skillful “giving up” (e.g. finding alternative ways to create your life’s meaning and/or contribute to others), raising kids in a different way (e.g. volunteering, stepparenting, being a major support in the life of a child who needs one), finding the silver lining in not having children… all excellent responses to the major curveball of infertility.

See their infertility announcements here!